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Strength of Mind

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on September 11, 2012

According to the rule book of Ayurveda most of our diseases are mind related. Diabetes, cardiac ailments, stomach problems and common mental disorders are few examples. Yoga and meditation are the best remedy for strengthening the mind. Meditation can bring the mind to the end of suffering,something no other skill can do. Lord Buddha defined it as a path of five strengths – conviction,persistence,mindfulness,concentration and discernment. If we can do the following exercise every day this can be achieved. Everyday early in the morning spend half an hour or more to introspect ( examine one,s owns thoughts and feelings ) and see whether all your deeds of the previous 24 hours were correct or not. You have to think in a righteous manner to find out whether what you have done are right or wrong. Try to correct the wrong doings from that moment onwards. If you do this exercise everyday you can strengthen your mind and you will not get any ailments due to mental disturbance. If you practice this simple method you are doing meditation. Most of your problems related your works will be over once for all.

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