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Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on September 24, 2021

My friend who occupied top position in a Government undertaking spent his retired life happily and peacefully with his family and friends. When asked the secret of his well contented retired life he told me that he followed these simple rules which ensured happiness and peaceful living.

The first one was to be patient and tolerant.  You may see unpleasant situations or hear incorrect talk or arguments. Do not try to interfere . Never advise or correct anybody on the basis of your knowledge or experience. The younger generation may not like your advices or sermons.   It is also likely that you may be wrong. Hence keeping quite and tolerant is the best thing to do in such situations.

You had certain preferences or obsessions. Once retired and dependent on others you have to forgo these desires and preferences . Accept whatever is given to you.  Learn to live a simple life without troubling others. Be happy to live with whatever you get. Fifty or sixty years back, life of senior citizens was much more comfortable.Their needs and preferences were taken care by children dutifully. Today’s children have their own desires and preferences. They want their parents to live by their likes and dislikes.

At the old age, you may like solitude to enjoy your own aloneness.  Many of the younger generations may not understand this. Their activities and celeberations may deny that ambience to you . You have to accept this unwillingly for peaceful coexistence.

In the old age you may miss your friends. You have to live with illness and ailments as your new friends. Do not fantasize about stable, quiet days without any trouble in your body. Maintain positive mentality with adequate execise to encourage yourself. Reading of spiritual books like vedas , Upanishad, Bhagavatham etc will difinitely help to avoid stress and depression. This will help to create a positive frame of mind.

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