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Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on March 18, 2021

I was just recollecting the unforgettable food  experiences which I relished at various places.

First was at Trivandrum in 1969 immediately after joining Federal Bank. There was a Gujarathi restaurant in Pazhavangadi. Their hot kachouries with a little sweetish curries were very tasty and delicious .We used to stand in que in the evenings to get a place in this restaurant.

The next one was at Alleppey during 1972. There was one Idli swamy in Mullackal who was selling hot idlies with Podi/oil and Sambar. The item was very appetizing. People used to come from far and wide to taste Idli from Idli Swamy.

In the nine years from 1974 while I was in Calcutta there were many such enduring food experiences. Even though the luscious  Bengali sweets were available in all nook and corner of Calcutta, I am mentioning only few memorable other food joints here.

In the initial years in Calcutta I used to take lunch from the street vendors along with my colleagues. We used to get fresh fruits cut in front of us, seasoned with masala powder and salt. For hygene they used to give with fresh tooth picks to be used as forks. One natural teak leaf bowl full of fruits with a big glass of sweet lime used to be our lunch on many days.

At Flury’s , the most famous cake point in Calcutta on those days, we used to get Beans on toast. Beans in tomato sauce spread on special toast was a delightful food item at any time. Flury’s on Park street was centrally located and used to be  a landmark in Calcutta. Their cakes were famous all over India.

The next food joint which I cannot forget in Calcutta was the Tiwari sweet shop in Burra bazar where they used to serve Singara ( Potato samosa ) which were fried in pure ghee. As they used to be very tasty and delicious the shop was always crowded. When I was in Burra bazar branch we used to frequent this joint for tasty Singaras. We used to carry home parcel for our beloved ones at home.

Calcutta and Bombay used to be famous for street foods. While Bombay was famous for Vada Pav Calcutta was renowned for Pav Bhaji. In Calcutta, Victoria Memorial used to be the most frequented evening joint for us. There were lot of street vendors selling food stuff to the visitors. We used to go there particularly for Pav bhaji. The vendor used prepare fresh Pav bhaji before us. Fresh vegetables, amul butter and masala were used on a clean tawa to make the hot bhaji. The quantity of bhaji spred on pav buns used to be quite large were sufficient  to fill our stomach. Along with my wife and daughters I used to visit Victoria memorial almost every week to relish the hot pav bhaji. Many important people like Executive Director of Federal Bank have come with me to enjoy Pav bhaji.

We shifted to Madras in 1983. Even though there were several food joints in Chennai I want to mention the Murugan Idli shop at T Nagar for their exceptional tasty idlies. We get hot and soft idlies with half a dozen chutneys. Many of my guests have enjoyed these idlies for their dinner.

Even though there are many other exceptional food joints in South, the above food joints are fresh in my memory even now.

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