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Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on April 21, 2020

The most important and hardest thing anyone can do in their life will be confronting their own mortality. From the day we were born into this world, we are struggling for survival. All our efforts are aimed at a happy life. Presently, when I see the confrontation by the people today to save their lives from the deadly Corona virus, I remember my mother’s life story told to me by her, happened around 85 years back. In the 19th century cholera killed many lakhs of people in British India. It came to our village also and my elder sister and grandfather (maternal) were the casualty. Even though the doctor from the Government hospital tried his level best to save them, he could not succeed. Many people died. After a few days of this tragedy, the deadly disease struck my mother. When the doctor could not succeed in stopping the symptoms my father was aghast with despair. A few meters away was the bungalow of a renowned Ayurvedic Physician Namboodiri who was close to our family. The Namboodiri seldom goes out for treatments. My father went to him in despair and told the condition of my mother and requested him to save her from death. Namboodiri thought for a moment and accompanied my father to my house. After examining my mother, he asked my father to arrange some herbs immediately which were available in our own property. He asked my fathers assistant to make a brew (concoction) using certain herbs and spices under his supervision. The brew was ready in few hours. He himself served a spoonful medicine to her and asked my father to continue it every three hours until the cholera symptoms disappear. By the next morning, my mother was cheerful and taken some gruel. In two to three days she was completely out of danger. The Namboodiri physician took it as a challenge and told my father after examining my mother – “How can she die of a cholera disease when the age-old Ayurveda has got medicines for all such ailments “. The great Physician was like God to us. We all five brothers were born after that. I want my children and my friends to know about this story of confrontation my mother had to save her life.

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