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The plight of senior citizens

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on March 3, 2020

If you analyze the life of senior citizens for the last few generations, we can observe that the respect, recognition and love they get have come down from the earlier period. In my childhood elders were well respected and loved. The younger generation used to get the advices and guidance of their elders in any matters. They were kept in high esteem. But if you explore the emotional worlds of the rapidly aging population today you can understand the predicament of the aged population. Many elders are in fact, completely unprepared for what they must face in their difficult old age and the road that lies ahead of them.

According to my view, if we understand and keep in mind some situations, we will be prepared for what is to come, and you will not panic.

  • The people by your side will only continue to grow smaller in number. While your peers will increasingly find it harder to look after them, the younger generation will all be busy with their own lives. Even your life partner may depart earlier than you, or than you would expect, and what might then come are days of desolation. You will have to learn how to live alone, and to enjoy and embrace solitude.
  • No matter how glorious your previous career was or how famous you were, ageing will always transform you into a regular old man. The spotlight no longer shines on you, and you must learn to contend with, standing quietly in one corner admiring and appreciating the hubbub and the views that come after you. You must overcome the urge to be envious and grumble. Society will care less and less for you.
  • The road ahead will be rocky and full of precarity. Fractures, memory loss, hearing loss, heart blockages, cerebral atrophy, cancer…. these are all possible guests that could pay you a visit any time, and you would not be able to turn them away. You will have to live with illness and ailments, to view them as friends, even, do not fantasize about stable, quiet days without any trouble in your body. You should have a positive mentality and do appropriate and adequate exercise to encourage yourself to keep at it consistently.
  • Prepare yourself for a bed bound life. When you were a child, you were lovingly attended by your mother who brought you in to this world. But at old age, even if you have kin, there care may never come close to that of your mother. You will, more likely than not, be cared for by a home nurse who bear zero relation to you, wearing smiles on their faces while carrying boredom in their hearts. Lay still and be grateful to them.
  • Remember that the money earned and saved by you is entirely for spending for your well being. Beware, and be careful, hold the money close to you. A fool and his money are soon parted, so spend your pennies wisely.

Once you retire from active life, it would do you all well to see life for what it is ,to cherish what you have , to enjoy life whilst you can, and not to take on society’s troubles or your children’s and grand children’s affairs on for yourself. Stay humble, don’t act superior on account of your own age and talk down to others – this will hurt yourself as much it will hurt others.

In these later days of your lives, you must understand what it means, to let go of your attachments, to mentally prepare yourself. The way of nature is the way of life; go with its flow and live with equanimity.

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