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Trembling incidents

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on January 1, 2019

First such incident happened when I was in my teenage. In my village we used to have pond where we used to take bath. The pond used to have stone steps and bathing shelter for privacy. It was peak monsoon time. I went for bath with my eldest and youngest brothers. Eldest brother was taking care of us as the pond was in spate due to heavy rains. I took a swim for a few yards and the youngest was guided to swim a little by my eldest brother. Once I finished I came to the upper step and was changing my dress after drying my body. The youngest one was sitting on one step above water waiting for my eldest to come and wipe his wet hair. He was short and was only 7 or 8 years old. As I was on my job I saw the young one was under water and his two arms were only above water level. He wanted to move to one lower step to stand in water but slipped to lower level and was sinking. On seeing this I rushed to him quickly and lifted him out of water. Even though he drank some water he was out of danger. The eldest brother was swimming to the middle of the pond and was not seeing this. This was a shivering experience in my life.

Another jittery incident occurred when I was in my first year degree in SH College, Kochi. My father came to Kochi to visit his doctor. He wanted me to join him at the clinic. After the work was over we went for some refreshments in the coffee house. Then I accompanied him to the bus stop. The buses were crowded and he had to run along to board the bus.  As the bus started before he could get hold of the rod above, in the impact he started falling backwards almost out of the bus through the open door of the bus. On seeing this I ran fast along, stepped on to the foot board, got inside the bus and held my father. All the passengers sighed in relief since it averted a tragedy. I could not sleep that day as this incident shook me.


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