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The Transformation

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on September 5, 2018

I fondly remember and cherish the pubescent days of my life in the native village. That was around  50 to 60 years back. Life was more enjoyable and delightful compared to todays. Digital inventions or artificial intelligence were not heard of on those days. Even though telephones and electricity were not available people were happily living together. People were in general empathetic towards fellow citizens. They used to help each other. I have seen the following features on those lives compared to today’s nuclear families.

People used to do odd jobs freely for their needy neighbours   like painting, changing of thatch palms, cleaning of the ponds/ wells Etc. Houses were kept open during day time for neighbours to frequent. Even the walkways to other parts  used to pass through various houses. Well water used to be pure and sweet like mineral water. Ponds used to be there in most houses which were kept clean for bathing. Children used to swim in the ponds. Fruits and vegetables were totally free from pesticides as those were grown organically in house yards. People used to gather together in the evenings to chat. Children used to play in the play grounds or temple grounds. Most of the people used to be busy in their farm works or trades and were doing their jobs honestly. People used to walk miles to go to neighbouring places. This has kept most of the people healthy. All the festivals were celebrated jointly by all. Religious harmony was much better than today. While brooding over the depressing state of mind in the old age I used to remember those childhood days to delight my mind. But, today those things are foregone in my village also. Wells and ponds are rare today. The advancement of digital life has taken away all those advantages. The temple grounds are empty. The remaining few ponds or wells are not usable. Roads have come connecting all houses. The village walkways passing thru  houses are not there today. Many people do not know each other. Today, while we can make video calls to people living in other continents we do not know our neighbours. Digital advancement has made man more self-centred.

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