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Welcome address by KPR on 22nd Sangamam

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on September 21, 2017

Good Evening. I welcome you all to this beautiful hill station Dharmashala , which is bathed in the glory of mother nature and Buddhist Culture. As His Holiness The Great Dalai Lama stays here , this place is also called as Little Lhasa.

This is our 22nd Sangamam. We started our Sangamam in 1993 , just on conclusion of our 10th year in business. As our Dealers Meet used to be a confluence of KOEL , GOEM and KGDs we named it ‘The Sangamam’ – like the meeting of three rivers Ganga , Yamuna and Saraswathi.  In Sangamams, we gather to spend time together, relax and rewind ourselves.

We do this almost every year and I gracefully and gratefully cherish the fact that this unity has helped us to hold the ground for the last 34 years. Each and every member of Genlite family gets a due share of the pride of this achievement. They have grown with Genlite and Genlite has grown with them. With each passing year this bond of love is binding us closer and closer. With this synergy only we are able to nurture our Goodwill for years. Our relationship with our Principals , Dealers and Customers have been built on the solid foundation of our Goodwill.

End must be justified by means. Goods must be supported by Goodwill. For over three decades we have been steady and stable like the DG sets we supplied. Hence today Genlite is not just some people in the genset market. Genset is Genlite for many people. Once our customer always our customer.

In a market economy the customer is certainly the deciding factor. While they were exclusively concerned with the quality of product or its brand till few years back , today they are asking much more from the present competitive market.

Quality of product , promptness in delivery , competitive price and effective product support – the customer wants all these today. In other words , customer is keeping all of us on our toes.

The only thing that is constant in life , is change. We all face changes every day.

When I started my career way back in 1969 , calculators were not available. We used to do summations manually. Forty – fifty years back  people mostly  used to travel  4 – 5 kilometres by walk or cycle only. But, today people travel even one kilometre by a vehicle.  Today, artificial intelligence or machine intelligence is more important than a person’s intelligence.  Like that we see several changes in our life . Only difference is that earlier changes were slow, but now it is fast.

We have to move with the changes. We should have the vision to foresee the changes expected to succeed in our life.

In 1998 , Kodak company was selling 85% of all photo paper requirements of the world. They were having an employee strength of 170000. They were one of the cash rich companies of the world. In just three years thereafter their business model disappeared due to the digital inventions and they became bankrupt . They did not know in 1998 that in just three years people would never take pictures on paper film again.

We can  expect changes in our business model also. Many European countries have stopped using diesel as their fuel. Even though this cannot happen in India immediately, according to our PM by 2030 diesel may not be in use in India also. The other day union environment  minister was advising manufacturers and consumers to think of alternate fuels.  Of course , our principal KOEL will be more concerned on this and will find solutions to this . Here I would like to quote famous Charles Darwin who told that

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent,

But the one most responsive to change.”




Time and again , we have been facing challenges of different types. We have countered them with strategies appropriate to each. With the patronage of KOEL , dedication of our sales force and the support of our Customers Genlite is forging ahead with sure and steady feet.

Before concluding I quote an old saying:

” Never Give up. Today is hard, Tomorrow will be worse,

But the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.

Let our synergy bring better growth and results in the coming years for all of us. At this 22nd Sangamam let us stay together for a while and once more renew our Goodwill for one another.

I welcome you all for a very happy and pleasant Sangamam.

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