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I ‘ is the most deadly alphabet. ‘ I ‘ is just like a knot on a twine. We can see many persons having egotism who are excessively conceited in themselves. They cannot progress in life. Just like the knot on a thread their egotistical nature will block the progress/success in their life. The egotistical persons want their importance in everything. They want everything to their expectations. ‘ I should be respected ; I want this ; I am not informed ; I will only do this. My expectations , my desires – everything surrounding ‘ I ‘ ‘. They want their importance to be acknowledged .They want to take everything/all credit for themselves .This attitude will not help them to achieve success in life. In love also, these people want love/affection themselves and may not give importance to their love to their partner. They may not be giving importance to their partner’s needs. They may be sympathetic , but not empathetic. The more you live a life giving importance to ‘ I ‘ , you will always be frustrated. They will not have real pleasure in life. They will invite depression. In one of the Bhajans it is mentioned like this : ‘ Oh Lord , let me not have Ego/the feeling of oneself in me , instead let me have the feeling that all others are like me’. For progress/success/ harmony in life we should not have that ‘ I ‘ feeling, instead we should have empathy ( others are also like us ) which will keep us happy always. This change in attitude will remove all tensions/depressions from our life.

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on May 24, 2017

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