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5 Secrets of Genlite’s success

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on February 18, 2017

Genlite is completing 34 years in business now. What are the secrets for the steady and consistent growth and success of this 200+ crores company ? I can give five major reasons for this.

  1. Power of Customer’s Trust.

Genlite stood always for the customers. Our team has given prime importance to customers’ needs. With honest and transparent approach , genuine pricing and extending timely support our team ensured that customer is always with us and approached only us for all their future needs.

  1. Product Quality.

Genlite did not compromise on quality. Our Gensets won accolades for quality from our Principal as well as customers. We use best  quality products for manufacturing and ensured that the Gensets conform to all quality standards. We have won quality award from Kirloskar several times and our products are ISO certified.

  1. Sincere Rapport with our Principals.

Our rapport with our Principal, Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd., is nurtured over last four decades, based on a convergence of interests and common Goals. Genlite used to be one of their Best GOEMs always.

  1. Dedicated Dealer Network.

Twenty Dealers spread over TN and Kerala are our vital link with customers. They are our extended arms and , our consistent growth is due to their unstinted support. Our value of sales increased more than 200 times since our inception.

  1. Efficient Working Genlite Team

We have time tested , sincere and professional working team always catering to Customer needs and expectations.

It has been a rough and tough course, but we have caught up with the pace of persistence.

Our motto is building Trust and a lifetime Bond with our Customers


Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on February 12, 2017

The sudden and untimely demise of Unniappachettan last month was shocking and painful. It was a personal loss to me. He was my friend, guide and well-wisher. He was neighbor in my village. But, our friendship and interactions started in 1970 when I was working in Federal Bank and he was working in KSEB in same place. In most evenings we used to stroll together discussing various matters – personal and common. He was a very pleasing, empathetic and humorous person. Our natures were always complimentary. We worked together in the village for the successful conduct of the temple festival when the community was unable to do that due to lack of funds and cooperation. After my transfer to Kolkata we were away for many years. Thereafter we used to meet only when I used to go to my native village for seeing my aging parents. Of course we met during the wedding of our children. He was also abroad for few years on some other assignment. After retirement he utilized his free time in educating young and old. He studied the old scriptures like Vedas and Upanishads and taught others. During our rare meetings thereafter we used to interact on our rich heritage. His erudition of Upanishads has impressed me a lot. Lastly our close interaction was around 2007- 08 when he came to Chennai for the placement of his niece Ramya. This brought our families closely and eventually we could arrange an alliance for Ramya in Chennai. His wife, who was his all time companion passed away untimely in the first week of January. Her sudden death came as terrible shock to him. I was there to console him. Even though he was composed at that time I could gather the deep pain of his mind. Before his children leave after the last rites he could also leave peacefully from this world.  I lost my good friend.

Lord Krishna says: “An erudite person who is a friend to all, seeing all equally and finding God in every living thing will also leave peacefully from this world “. Unniappachettan was one person like that.

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