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Anger – Your worst enemy

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on July 24, 2016

In our life  there are occasions when we react angrily or retort in a fit of anger . But , the fact is that if we act in a fit of anger we always kill our reputation, ruin our character or integrity. It is told that Anger can make you do things that you will regret. Stay in control of your anger. Do not let your anger control you.

In Ramayana when Rama was asked to go to forest for 14 years by his father , brother Lakshman  in  a fit of rage vows to imprison his father to make Rama the king. But, Rama controls him and tells him to renounce the anger which otherwise would ruin his character. Even in Bhagawad Geetha Chapter II , Lord Krishna explains the perils of the vice Krodha ( anger ). He says that a person loses all his virtues if he cannot control his anger and act upon it. From anger comes delusion and from delusion comes loss of intellect. Hence Lord advises that one should renounce Anger.  Anger can be controlled or totally eliminated only by developing virtues like patience and tolerance. All successful people in life have these qualities.a

In Pursuit of Happiness

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on July 3, 2016

Our life journey is in fact in pursuit of happiness. We work and earn for the ultimate aim of having a happy life. But, happiness cannot be pursued, has to be perceived. Happiness is a state of mind, a state of well-being created by positive emotions.

During the last few years I make it a point to take off from the office routine every month to spend time in my holiday home. The idea is to relax and spend time in the village with the countrymen. I feel contented and feel happy when I interact with them. These moments teach me that the real happiness in life comes when you are modest and unassuming. Here I remember an incident during our dealer meeting several years back at Wayanad. We were having an MD of a leading Ferrous Industry as our guest. After the business session we were visiting waterfalls. I and my manager were walking along with the guest behind the group. The village lads were playing cricket on the wayside with a broken rubber ball. Our guest asked the boys why they are playing with the broken ball which was not moving at all.  They told him that they did not have money to buy a new ball. He gave the required money immediately and asked them to buy and bring a new ball. In the meantime he suggested us for taking black tea from a way side small shop. When the ball came he wanted to take the first shot with the new ball. He enjoyed those few minutes in their company. He did not forget to shake hands with those lads before leaving the place. He told me later that he enjoyed the time with them rather than visiting the waterfalls.

We get happiness when we make others happy. There is a Chinese saying that goes: “If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody. “

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