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Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on May 30, 2016


In this advanced electronic age when the young generation is more knowledgeable , it is deplorable  that abuse and disrespect of elders/parents are on the rise . We read everyday news on crimes against parents by children on various issues. Most of the relations  have become money related today including relations between parents and children. Few years back while I was staying in Annanagar  I was having a retired customs officer as my neighbor. He used to come to me for  week-end drinks and chitchat. He used to enjoy those sessions most since he was neglected by his wife and children. While he was in service he used to get very warm welcome from all. But , once retired from service his bad time started.  He was totally neglected by his wife and employed children as if he was a burden to them.  

Another senior gentleman I met in an old age home recently. As he looked more orthodox I inquired about him to the sister in charge. She told me the sad story about him. He was a senior corporate executive retired few years back. After retirement he partitioned his house properties to the two sons and a daughter. Thereafter he used to stay with them alternatively. The wives of his sons and his son-in-law were reluctant to accommodate him for long. He used to hear abuses from them. Ultimately, he reached the old age home where he found solace.

While climbing steps of success in their career many youngsters forget to /find no time to take care of their aged parents. It is sad that some children are not only neglecting their elders but also abuse them. There was an incident in USA where a billionaire philanthropist spent most of his leisure time for charity activities. His ailing mother could not get his attention even.  She used to lose her sleep on many occasions waiting for him to take dinner together. One day when he was very late, the lady asked him the reason for such delay. He told her that he was held up at an orphanage sponsored by him. While appreciating his good gesture the old lady mumbled: ” Please remember that charity starts  at home  “. The son was aghast and wept  silently. Later on he felt apologetic and took care of his mother giving more love and comfort .

We always recount our problems and difficulties to our mother. However, we never ask or try to know her difficulties. While we enjoy late night dinners and parties , she may be keeping herself awake waiting for our return spoiling her sleep/health. As she is the embodiment of patience and tolerance she keeps her difficulties herself. Of course, there are many people who understand this and take care of their parents/elders well.



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