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Religious Extrimism

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on December 26, 2015

While seeing the religious intolerance all over the world I remember the famous film song written by Vayalar Ramavarma in 1972 which won the national award that year. The meaning of the first stanza will be some what like this :

” Man created religions ; Religions created Gods ;  Man , religions and Gods divided the land and the Mind . “

Even though this was scripted four decades before , this has become very much relevant today. Even in spite of the advancements in science and technology many people around the world are still superstitious or influenced by the wrong side of religious beliefs. In fact the religious intolerance is more rampant today compared to the situation in 60 s or 70 s . Let us hope and believe that the next generation will under stand the folly in this religious extremism or intolerance.

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