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50 years gone after that fateful accident

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on March 14, 2015

It was in February 1965, my college organised a tour to various holiday destinations with around 70 members in a new bus. That was my first year in that NSS College Cherthala. There were boys, girls and teachers. While returning from Madurai on our last leg of the tour , after visiting Thekkady we were travelling to Kottayam at around 7.30 pm. Some local people advised us to go in the morning as the road to Kottayam was having several hair pin bends. They cautioned the driver of the low visibility . But the driver was confident and assured to take care. Near Kuttikkanam , around 30 km from Thekkady while negotiating the 9th bend the bus lost control and fell to the side valley rolling 9 times. The students who fell out of the bus were crushed to death. Even though two of my friends who were sitting on my both sides were killed, I was inside the bus till the bus was stopped by hitting  a small teak tree. By God’s grace I was least injured. On those days, I was in a group of youngsters in our village singing bhajans in the temple under the leadership of our saint like Guru. As the communication net works were not advanced like today, the first news came thru radio was death of most of the students in the accident. My mother fainted and was inconsolable. At that time our Guru went and told her that nothing would happen to her son since the temple goddess would take care of him. This has become true and I reached home safely later. I consider that as my rebirth by the grace of God.

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