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Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on November 23, 2014

It was in 1969 , exactly 45 years back I started my career in Federal Bank as a trainee. The monthly stipend was Rs.100/ which was not a paltry sum on those days. I needed only Rs.75/ to pay my monthly bill for food and stay.When I was confirmed in Bank’s rolls on 1st of January 1970, thanks to Bank Nationalization by Mrs.Indira Gandhi I got hike in pay. I fondly remember buying two pairs of shirts and trousers with my own money first time in life. The life was joyous even without mobile , TV and computers. The evening strolls/assembly  were filled with jokes, anecdotes and other interesting matters . We used to share our experiences/ family issues in such pleasant discussions. While looking back to those pleasant days I feel nostalgic. The present day facilities like mobile, TV and computers have definitely enriched our lives, but have taken away such joyous occasions. Today people seldom get time to club meets, family visits or friendly hang out.

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