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Depression is our own creation

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on September 18, 2014

Depression is a serious medical condition today. Many people fall victim to this condition every day . While some people come out of this condition thru counselling, a few people who are not able to come out of this condition even end their life. In fact, depression or detachment in life is our own creation. In Bhagawath Githa Lord Krishna saves Arjuna from deep depression by enlightening this truth. Lord says depression comes due to two main reasons. One is from anxiety – nervousness about what might happen in future. If you feel a strong desire for something not likely to be attained you would be depressed or dejected when that does not┬ámaterialize. He also mentions that if you worry about your past failures, you may be depressed or lose interest in life. Hence , Lord says in Githa that to achieve success and happiness, one should not hanker on strong desires and should not worry about the past failures. He should do his deeds on a righteous manner to bring happiness and success. Forget about past and future, concentrate only on your present. This is the medicine to prevent depression.

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