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Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on April 6, 2014

The advancement in Medical science and people’s awareness have increased the life expectancy of man. Today out of the total senior citizens living, over 40 % constitute people above 85. Unless you have a right outlook and humility, the life in the old age will be painful for you and annoying to others. Here the prayer written by a person who has just stepped into old age is relevant.

  • Oh my Lord, as you know better than me, I am stepping in to old age. I am going to be inapt and incapable in a few years and I request you to prepare me suitable for that situation.
  • Please take care to make me not to talk too much or talk the matters which are boring and disliked by others. I should not have the feeling that I have the answer for every thing and I should talk everywhere wanted or unwanted. Make me suitable to talk short only where necessary.
  • Instead of complaining of my pains and difficulties please cultivate in me philanthropic, do – good attitude to help the needy people. Make me a kindhearted and humble person having always  help others attitude. Let me forget my pains while serving others with pains.
  • Please make me hear others patiently and to forgive even when mistakes are found. Let me also understand the fact that mistakes are common to all. Let me win over others. Instead of praising my child hood days or my good deeds, make me a humble person with humility as my character. 

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