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Mind is the culprit

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on November 28, 2013

Mind is the reason for our miseries and happiness. In fact , when we are utilizing our mind for good deeds or virtuously we get happiness. When our mind is controlled by vicious thoughts or if we act on vicious thinking we commit mistakes and this will result in miseries. There is a famous story called ‘ Bikshu geeth ‘ where one rich person loses all his riches and isĀ  becoming a beggar. When he was rich, he never helped his own people or others and used to enjoy his riches him self . Finally when he loses every thing and resort to begging no body sympathizes with him. The street boys threw stones and rubbish on him. He sings a poem like this, which is called Bikshu Geeth.

” These people who throw rubbish on me are not the cause of my miseries, neither the Gods nor body, not even planets and time can be blamed for my miseries. Scriptures and learned ones held that mind itself is guilty of one’s miseries.It is the mind that runs the cycle of the world and makes every kind of efforts. ”

The mind which is making one virtuous with humility and truthfulness, is also making one greedy, jealousy and egoistic. This is the basic lesson we should impart and inculcate on children.

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