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Golden Rules for healthy living

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on September 20, 2013

In today’s fast life, if we take a little care in our routine life we can live happily and healthily. These are the Golden Rules for healthy living.

  1. Eat a good breakfast. It is told that we should eat breakfast like a Prince, Lunch like a King and Dinner like a pauper. As we we work in the day time we need maximum energy from breakfast to work efficiently and wisely. We need rich breakfast consisting of fruits, cereals, legumes and milk. This is essential for our brain and other body parts for our activities. Lunch can be in lesser calorie and Dinner can be still lesser.
  2. As most of the people are having sedentary jobs, a regular exercise regime is another important requirement. 30/40 minutes walking every day is the most effective and viableĀ  exercise.
  3. Have a positive attitude towards life and work . Be humble , happy and make others happy. Be empathetic to others.Healthy mind will make your body also healthy.
  4. Avoid drinking and smoking. It has been proved beyond doubt that these vices are adversely affecting our health. The deadly diseases like heart ailments, cancer, diseases of reproductive organs, liver and diabetics are rampant today because of the drinking/smoking habits.
  5. Control/reduce the usage of mobile phones. Continuous/regular usage in powerful range situation will cause more radiation. Cancer institutes in India have several cancer patients who got affected due to continuous usage of cell phones. If your cell phone is not getting range in your house or office you have less chance of getting affected ( from radiation ) due to that. It is better that your bed room has lesser range for connectivity. As long distance mobile calls emit more radiation, it is better to reduce the duration of calls to save your life.
  6. Earmark a small portion of your income to help the needy people. The happiness you get from the random act of kindness is ultimate. That will improve your health.

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