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Friendship is the great wealth anybody can have in his life. Whether it is in his career or in his personal life, the friendship will bring success and happiness. The famous book ,written by Dale Carnegie   ” How to win friends and influence people ” narrates  how to develop friendships to achieve success and happiness. He states that these people should not have selfishness, egotism and obsessiveness. These dangerous vices will not win friends but will isolate that person from his acquaintances. He will not taste success in life and will be a dejected person. Carnegie says that the person who wants  success in his life should not do the three “C”s viz: Criticize, Condemn or Complain. You have to eliminate these vices from your conduct and develop love, regards and empathy towards your colleagues. If you want success in life, you have to develop friendships and keep them alive always. This is the message Carnegie gives through his book.



Jan Lokpal Bill

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The Jan Lokpal bill is supposed to be the answer to India’s massive,endemic corruption. But , unless we understand the root cause of this malady, we cannot root out this from Indian society. Corruption in India is a cultural aspect. It is everywhere. Indians tolerate corrupt individuals rather than correcting them. Why Indians are corrupt ? Primarily this is in our culture. We bribe God for favors. One minister gifted Gold and diamond Crown worth 45 crores to Lord Balaji. Another person gifted Gold equal to his weight to Lord of Guruvayoor. Even people of other religions also gift valuables to God for personal gains. Indian culture accommodates such transactions morally. Even in Indian history we can see the foreign invaders bribe some small kings to capture other territories. Hence it is evident that this bribe culture was prevalent in India for centuries. If we sincerely wants to eradicate this dangerous trend, we have to teach the general public first. They have to be taught to be honest and straight forward . This is the first step towards the successful implementation of this Lokpal bill. Only  honest and upright citizens can make our country a clean corrupt free nation.

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