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EGOTISM – The roadblock to progress

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on March 6, 2011

An ego-centric person ( ego-ist ) is concerned with the individual rather than society. Self interest is the actual motive of all his conscious actions. He is in the habit of finding fault with others and projecting his actions as the right ones. He cannot progress himself in the society or in his career. All religious texts have written against this malady, the ego – ism. It is told that ‘I’ is like a knot in a twine. When you clear this knot (detach from ego-ism), you are nearer to God. Ego-centric person is shallow,often lacking the staying power to achieve long-range goals. He is believing in his own strength and achievements . He feels, while learning about others achievements that his superiority will decrease. This rational or grounded approach to self – other comparisons is a real road block to his success and progress in life. Humility or humbleness only can overcome this dangerous vice. Humility is a quality of being courteously respectful of others. Acting with humility does not in anyway deny our own self-worth. Rather, it affirms the inherent worth of all persons. Wealth, power or status gained at the expense of others bring only anxiety – never peace and love.

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