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Morality and integrity, endangered traits

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on May 1, 2010

The above mannerisms which are essential for peaceful and healthy co existence among humans are vanishing today. Corruption and immorality are prevalent in every crevice of public life. Honest and upright people are not able to win elections today.Corrupt people with money power are only representing many constituencies . There are instances where people of integrity are shunted out of their position by corrupt politicians. If this trend is going to continue this will lead to anarchy. Even today a good number of elderly people are of the view that the Kingly rule which was prevailing prior to the democratic set up was better compared to this situation. Here I would like to quote the comments made by Sunanda Pushkar on the Sashi Tharoor controversy – ” Indians could not handle a man who is not corrupt so they tainted him and literally made him look corrupt so that he had to leave Government and not to embarrass his party.” I am not going to the truth in this controversy,but will surely agree with Sunanda in her assessment of Indians in Public life.

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