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Probity in Public Life

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on March 24, 2010

In a democratic set up uprightness and honesty in public positions is a right of the citizens.Doctors,Lawyers,Police Officers,Ministers and other persons in Government positions take a pledge before starting their public service to this effect.But what we see today is different from this.People in Public positions,who are bound to protect the citizens,are violating this by doing atrocities themselves.The molestation of a minor girl by a police chief in Haryana a few years back and the subsequent use of his official position to defend his heinous act bear testimony to this.As the girl,her friend and their families complained against this,he has misused his position to torture and persecute them.The girl was forced to commit suicide.The law of the land could award only a mild punishment to this crook.What we need today is a mass movement against such atrocities by persons in Public places.People of all sections of society who wish a peaceful coexistence should join together strongly against such wicked acts in Public Life.

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