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Bring love, success and prosperity will follow

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on February 22, 2010

A housewife saw three noble looking aged men in front of her house.She invited them to the house.As she was alone they told her that they will wait till her husband returned.When her  man came home through the other door she told him about them and asked him permission to invite the noble men.But they told her that they are Love,Success and prosperity and they have to choose only one among them.The man asked her to call Prosperity since he was struggling hard to make money.Then the wife suggested to call Success since she felt success was most needed.Then their teen-aged daughter told them to call Love which according to her was most needed.They all agreed and called Love inside. Then they saw that the other two noble men were also following Love.They were surprised and asked why?Then Love replied that if love was selected the other two would follow.But if they were selecting Prosperity or Success the other two would not have followed.

I read this moral anecdote in a week-end magazine. The moral is , if you love ( give love ) success and prosperity will come to you.

My visit to Sobha Village

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on February 12, 2010

It was on 25th Jan , during my visit to Guruvayur, I got an opportunity to visit Sobha Village at Panniankara near Vadakkenchery. My wife and eldest brother were there with me. We got a warm welcome  in the Sobha village as guests of Mr.P.N.C Menon,chairman of Sobha Developers  ( thanks to my friend Mr.Varghese who accompanied us ).The whole project was the brainchild of Mr.P.N.C.Menon . It was his dream to convert his own village to this dream project consisting of a state of the art school called Sobha Academy , a senior citizen home called Sobha Hermitage and Sobha medical center mainly for the residents of village. The school is above any international standard with five-star facilities and is free for the students. The students are from his own village who are picked from their home and dropped back after school hours. They are taught good etiquette in the school and are asked to keep up same standard in their home. Their homes have been modernized for this purpose. The Sobha Hermitage is for needy and helpless senior citizens. Presently this is also free charitable venture. In the academy as well as in the hermitage pure vegetarian food is served from a modern and clean kitchen installed there. The medical center provides free treatment for all inmates as well as the villagers.

This is a true and genuine example of  Corporate Social Responsibility Programme worth emulating.

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