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Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on November 14, 2009

It was on 14th Nov 1969 I started my career in Federal Bank as a trainee.On 1st Feb 1970 I was appointed as a clerk.My basic salary was Rs.108 and the total emoluments were Rs.178.I got promotion as an officer in May 1973 and was posted as manager of  a village branch.During June 1974 I was transferred to Calcutta branch as an Asst manager. I took up that assignment after my marriage on 2nd Jun 1974. Considering my exceptional service at Calcutta I was promoted as senior manager of Calcutta Burrabazar branch on 1st May 1976 which was one of the best branches in India at that time.  I resigned from Bank on 31st Mar 1983 to start my own business in the name of Genlite Pvt Ltd  jointly with my friend and well – wisher Mr.Jain. This joint business lasted only for 5 years and in 1988  I started my Proprietary business Genlite Diesels. My daughters joined the business as partners in 1997 which was converted as a private limited company in 2007. The business started with a capital/investment of Rs.1 lakh in 1983 is worth 500 lakhs today.

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