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Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on October 17, 2009

My childhood was in the village and I have those sweet and serene memories.When I recall those vibrant days I feel saddened due to the fact that our children or grand children are not able to live that village life due to the exigencies of the modern life. The green surroundings, village games, farm fresh vegetables and fruits, the festivals with all pomp and vigor, bathing ponds – all are in my pleasant memory.There were Gurukula system of nursery education where the elderly Teacher used to impart lessons on good manners and etiquette in addition to the language and arithmetics. This helped children to mould themselves as good citizens. The urban life does not have any of these qualities. Todays’ children are mostly influenced by the media ( Computer,TV and radio ) and their future is mostly misguided by these influences. As agriculture is no more a profitable sector most of the villagers move to urban areas in search of jobs which ultimately wipe out the serenity of villages.

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