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You are alone

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on September 12, 2009

You are born alone and you have to leave this world also alone. This fact is known to everybody. It is also a fact that you are also living in this world alone.The family,relations and friends are also actors like you in this ‘life drama’ enacted/directed by Almighty. While acting together we feel that we are all together. What is needed is to act your role sincerely ( the karma ),mainly for the benefit of all. But what is seen today is different. Everybody is working for amassing wealth for them or to their family.The Great Alexander told his lieutenants before his death to make two holes on his coffin to hang his hands to prove that he is not carrying any wealth in his final journey.Just before death  Alexander told his assistants what to do after his death. An Indian Sanyasi told him that nobody will obey his orders after his death. This has changed his mind. In this context we should understand the importance of Renunciation which was indoctrinated by Gandhiji.While earning wealth we all forget this doctrine. If we all practice this Renunciation,Vairagya , lot of unrest will disappear.

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