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Neglect of the elderly

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on August 31, 2009

Elder abuse is a much talked about issue today. Even though the Govt and W.H.O are taking lot of steps to counter this evil, we don’t find any improvement in the situation. This was not there or was much less a few decades before when joint family system was prevalent in the society. Children were properly guided by the grand parents. They were taught on moral values and were brought on religious background. Today they are guided ( misguided ) by the electronic media. As an elderly person I feel if we practice humility , renunciation and tolerance this evil can be brought down to a great extent. The spiritual teachings also envisages “Vanaprastha” for the elderly when their children become capable of carrying out their jobs. I am also preparing for that transition shortly.

The Rich Indian Heritage

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on August 29, 2009

Wendy Doniger,professor,History of religions at the University of Chicago has written recently about Hinduism that ‘ the genius of Hinduism has always been grounded in its malleability and diversity,its ability to grow and change through its receptivity to the ideas and customs of people other than Hindus.’ No other religion in the world has the inter religious tolerance that the Hinduism has or the principles/teachings like the Vedas ( self knowledge ), Upanishads and the 18 Puranas of Hinduism give. Karma ( work ), compassion  and Ahimsa ( non – injury ) are the basic doctrines of Hinduism. Even the aggression and the aggravated assaults  on Hindu temples by  Greeks , Mughals and Europeans starting from 300 BC could not do any harm to this rich tradition.The Hinduism and the Indian heritage will continue to be light years ahead of the fundamentalists of all religions,the currents of modernisation and globalisation in its breadth of vision,depth of spiritual understanding and doctrines of  Gita. Many of the Educationists in West and in American countries know this better than an average Indian.

The rich Sanskrit language is not getting the required patronage in India today. But in western and American countries many students learn Sanskrit and they understand the importance of Hinduism and the rich heritage of this old language. Hence even if we Indians  lose this language in the years to come this rich Indian Heritage will be more popular in the world.In this context we should all remember that it was the Great Dr.Ambedkar who wanted our Parliament to adopt Sanskrit as our National Language ( not Hindi ) which was not accepted by others. My humble request to the next generation is to study this rich Indian language as their second language.

Marketing of loans by Banks

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on August 27, 2009
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We have not forgotten the debacle of Banks and financial institutions in US in FY 08 and 09. This was mainly due to the aggressive marketing of home loans by financial institutions there  and their decision to waive scrutiny of home loans upto 100 thousand $ presuming that property prices will always go up.This was proved wrong and what has resulted is history. Normally we Indians learn these mistakes very late. After a gap of about 6 – 9 months many financial agents/consultants here started calling for business loans. Last one week I got atleast 8 to 10 calls encouraging me for business loans. I told one of those guys about the dangers in such ruthless marketing of business loans. As per reports many Banks are having unpaid personal loans and their NPAs are  increasing. This trend should be discouraged failing which India will also follow American way and have the financial disaster. Any business organisation should also have the financial discipline failing which it can  break down like what happened in Subhiksha case. If we take loans beyond the debt – equity ratio of 2:1 there is always risk. Banks should discourage this trend forthwith for their good as well as for the country.

My Story

Posted in Uncategorized by K P Ramachandran on August 26, 2009

Inception of career in 1969.14 years in Federal Bank and another 26 years in own business.The 9 years of Banking experience in Calcutta ( 6 years as Chief manager ) gave good insight to learn people and to control finances which helped me to build Genlite – a leading genset manufacturing company based in Chennai.Genlite has travelled 26 years and has around 200 people,directly and indirectly benefitted, with 120 crores annual turnover.Genlite is the largest Genset manufacturer for Kirloskar green gensets in South.As this achievement is the result of our commitment to customers delight our company logo is ‘ Power of Trust ‘.

My two daughters Maya and Hema are devoted to carry forward Genlite to further heights/glory.My other lieutenants are my brother and director KPG,V.Ramachandran and Sam General Managers,Joe and Jayakumar regional managers  who are ably supporting and guiding my daughters to achieve their goals.

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